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Dear Friends, Valued Customers and Family,
You are needed to help shape the future of CBD. The USDA is trying to force Hemp to be tested in such a way that it will all fail the testing.

If you want safe, unfettered access to CBD, you must act now


This morning, after being reviewed in the White House last week, the US Department of Agriculture released its long-awaited Interim Final Rule for the US Domestic Hemp Program. This move is one of the final barriers that the USDA must cross in the long journey towards passing this Rule.

Further, last week, the U.S. Hemp Roundtable Board of Directors held a private meeting with USDA Undersecretary Greg Ibach who leads the agency’s hemp efforts and shared with us the broad contours of the regulatory process.  Additionally, they also met with USDA Risk Management Agency Administrator Martin Barbre, as work continues with the agency on the development of affordable crop insurance products.

The USDA’s intent through the Interim Final Rule is to provide states with flexibility to develop strong hemp programs, strictly consistent with the language of the 2018 Farm Bill. They have been very eager to work with the industry throughout the process and remain very open to our input.

Is Third-Party Lab Testing Important?

If you’re new to CBD oil, the number of products available can be overwhelming. But whatever you choose, you want to know you’re getting what you paid for.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Local Oregon news outlet KGW8 recently sent 15 products for lab testing and reported surprising results. Some products had just 20 percent of the CBD advertised on their labels. Others had no CBD at all.

Misleading labels, such as reporting the amount of CBD in nanograms instead of milligrams, can also be common. A “High Potency” product can claim to have 5,000,000 nanograms of CBD, but that translates to just 5mg.

A 2017 University of Pennsylvania study backed up these findings. Researchers reported nearly 70 percent of CBD products sold online had inaccurate labels.

Third-Party Testing

How do you know what’s in your bottle? Any CBD oil company you purchase from should have third-party lab testing results available on their website. If they don’t, or the company is unable or unwilling to share them with you directly, we strongly recommend not buying products from them. CBD American Shaman's third-party and inhouse tests all of our products for potency, heavy metals and pesticides. This testing process ensures we offer products that are safe, natural and consistent. Test results are available in store at 1001 N Sam Rayburn Frwy, Sherman TX 75090 or by demand via email. We will email you URL's to each of our lab tests both in house and third party.

What To Look For

Looking at science-heavy terms and numbers can be intimidating. Instead of scrolling through a long document, focus on identifying these key factors.

Testing Location: Would you buy a car without having a third-party mechanic look at it first? The same concept applies to CBD products. If a product is tested in-house, you are taking their word at face value. Seeing results from a third-party lab means they have nothing to hide.

Amount of THC and CBD: Federal regulations require hemp-derived CBD products to contain less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. It’s not considered a hemp product if it contains more. This means it may not be legal in your state or may be subject to different regulations. You also want to ensure your product contains the amount of CBD advertised. A third-party lab result will confirm this.

Missing Cannabinoids: All full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products contain several cannabinoids in addition to CBD. These include CBDa, CBG and CBC. A third-party lab test shows the amount of these other cannabinoids in your product.
Do you still have questions about what to look for? Ask in the comments section of this post!